Utah Special Session August 20, 2020

Dear friends,

It is soon going to “Special Session” time again with the legislature in two weeks (August 20) – which means another round of rapid-fire bill passings, which everyone including the legislators will have barely any time to glance at.

Instead of being blindsided by that again, I think it is time to put up a sustained pressure on the entire legislature to hack away at the root of the problem, on two fronts: Governor’s Extension of State of Emergency and the Health Department power overreach. Otherwise, it is possible that with the abuses on several fronts going on – masking kids, imprisoning elderly, crushing businesses – our efforts may get diluted, and we may forget to keep our eye on the ball and let them sneak through another bunch of orders, all on the basis of the so-called “emergency”

We have prepared a couple of (reasonably polite) letters that can be sent out to the legislators with your changes, and from what I have heard, just getting 25 emails is already counted as a “flood of emails” by a legislator. We can definitely get more than that many to email each legislator (Approx 100) – about 2500 total emails in two weeks. The subject can be something simple: END THE EMERGENCY and CURTAIL HEALTH DEPARTMENT.

As far as I can see… this is the last shot with the legislators before the general session. And a lot can happen between now and then. At the very least, there should be enough backlash before the session even begins, so that they are aware that we are aware of the way this situation is being continued

Folks who spoke up against emergency extension in the House: Robertson, Lyman, Pierucci, Christiansen.

Folks who opposed it, but voted yes for the last time: Stratton, Maloy, Ray.

Folks who strongly opposed the extension in the Senate: Anderegg, Winterton, and McCay.

Link to votes: House and Senate.

A list of emails of all legislators is also attached.

If you think as we do, that it is worth hammering this in now in these two weeks, let’s go for it! Please spread the word.

Thank you all, and keep up the fight…